Fujifilm x-pro2 vs X-t2 – a brief comparison

I’m a major Fujifilm evangelist and one of the things people switching platforms often ask me is, “which flagship should I invest in, the x-t2 or x-pro2?” And so here is my input.. My very first camera as a beginner was a canon rangefinder. I became mostly comfortable withe rangefinder shooting from an early age and therefore prefer the xpro2. I’ve owned the x-e1, x-e2, x-t1, and x-pro2 so I’ve used a large portion of Fuji’s MILC cameras. If you’re doing action /wildlife as it’s been mentioned, the x-t2 will perform best. If you have time to compose your shots, or if you prefer a more discreet body for street style shooting the x-pro2 will be your go-to. One of the things I’ve found great about the xpro2 is that when I stick the 18mm or 27mm pancake on it, I have been able to bring it into concerts or shows that don’t allow “professional” cameras because it doesn’t look like an SLR. The rangefinder-esque style of the x-e series made me instantly comfortable with the fuji platform as I got my feet wet with them before abandoning my EOS 5D MK3 as my primary workhorse. If you started on a DSLR, then ergonomically the x-t2 may be a better fit for you, but if you value optical vs EVF viewfinders, the x-pro2 is the better option. Another other deciding factor will be which kinds of lenses you prefer to work with. If you prefer zooms or telephoto, you’ll prefer the x-t2 as it balances a bit better and the optical viewfinder of the x-pro2 becomes less useful at longer ranges as the image box becomes much smaller and the viewfinder can be partially obscured by the lens itself. If you like small primes the x-pro2 will be dandy for you. Ultimately it all comes down to the kinds of photography you do and whether you’re right or left eye dominant. Of course, there’s also the intangible element of aesthetics. I personally think the x-pro2 is a much more BEAUTIFUL camera, but that also translates to subject perception. I love capturing candid moments, and it has been my finding that subjects are consistently more comfortable in front of the x-pro2 as it looks more like a retro film camera and less like a modern “professional” SLR which can be intimidating to non-professional models/subjects. The x-pro2 and x-t2 have the same sensors, so on a side-by-side basis your still images will be same in a pure binary sense, but your ability/desire to compose images will be the ultimate differentiator.